Photography across the country from my 2017 road trip with my friend Hannah. All the moments that I thought were pretty enough that they justified my best efforts. Driving cross country was truly one of the most interesting experiences of my life; hope these photos do it well. 
Roll 1 (Fuji Pro-Plus 200)
 Pittsburgh, PA to Atlanta, GA (Stops: Louisville, KY; Nashville, TN)
Roll 2 (Kodak Gold 200)
Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX (Stops: New Orleans, LA)
Roll 3 (Kodak Gold 200)
Houston, TX to New Mexico (Stops: West Texas)
Roll 4 (Ilford FP4)
Arizona and Grand Canyon
Roll 5 (Ektar 100)
Grand Canyon pt.2
Roll 6 (Fuji Pro-Plus 200)
Grand Canyon, NM to Los Angeles, CA (Stops: Joshua Tree, CA)
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